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Canal Name Abbreviations

L&L - Leeds and Liverpool
S&W - Staffs. and Worcs.
K&A - Kennet and Avon
T&M - Trent and Mersey
GU - Grand Union
SU - Shropshire Union
W&B - Worcs. and Birmingham
B&F - Birmingham and Fazeley


These web pages have been kept simple on purpose, in order that they be available to the widest possible audience. The mostly-text nature of the pages insure that they can be downloaded quickly, even when using a cellphone hookup while boating.

No cookies are used on any canals.com web page.

Information was obtained from sources presumed to be reliable. But, for instance, every telephone number has NOT been called. Please inform me of any errors.

No one has paid anything for a mention here. If any advertising is ever included, it will be clearly identified as such.

I have only attempted to list those organisations and firms that have an internet presence. Just because you don’t find something here doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in the "real" world!

Links are periodically checked with an automated link checker, as manually checking all of them would be far too time consuming. However, automated link checkers are sometimes fooled, so if you find a broken link, or one that points to the wrong place, please email me at the address below.

Note to other webmasters

You may link to any of my pages without the need to ask my permission. (If you wish, the drawing of the narrowboat that appears at the top of my pages can be used to accompany the link-- but not for any other purpose.) However, you may NOT surround my pages with any frames, and you may NOT copy any material (other than short quotations) on to your own pages.

Background and Credits

I have been enamoured with canal cruising ever since my wife and I first tried it way back in 1975. If I lived in the UK I would probably doing a lot of cruising, towpath walking, and providing manual labor (at least) for restoration of derelict waterways. But living here in the USA, I have to satisfy myself with the occasional trip. And the only contribution I can really make is to provide these web pages, and this email mailing list/forum. (If I lived in the UK, I wouldn’t have the time to do it!)

Tremendous and continuing appreciation go to Peter Bowyer for providing us free web space since 1995, for putting in long hours getting us set up, and for keeping everything going in the years since. Thanks also to Bruce Peckett ( ), who participated in providing free web space. Peter, then Peter and Bruce, also supplied our email mailing list service, until it became an economic burden. Effusive thanks also to ADI of Herndon, VA for providing me with years of no cost email and net access.

I’d been a consultant in software development since 1987. However, I gave this up in 2003 when I was replaced on my contract by four guys in China!

- George Pearson

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