Images of Anderton

Pictures taken by Philip and Pete Payzant in 1980 when the Anderton lift was still electrically operated.

On the very top of the lift, the operator explains how it works to Pete. (Operator in blue shirt). Immediately behind his knees is the box with the small electric motor that ran the whole lift.
Three narrowboats inside one of the tubs, about to descend to the River Weaver level.
"Golden Eagle" hired by the Payzants from E.C.C. waits at the canal entrance of the Anderton Lift to enter the lift.
One narrow boat enters the lift.
Another of "Golden Eagle" waiting, son Philip in bow.
) Side view of the Anderton Lift, showing the control house, and a boat below in the River Weaver.
We exited the lift at the River Weaver, turned around and prepared to ascend. Those two tiny white specks at the bottom right of the lift are men's shirts. They are peering into the interior and are also canallers. We invited them to make the trip back up to the canal level with us and they were pleased.
This is a view from inside the lift (in "Golden Eagle") with camera pointed straight up. Overhead are the pulleys, and the rectangular shape is the motor box. The light is shining on the cables at left hand side of the photo.
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