Canal Boat Hire Firms - Europe

These are the ones I know of that have a web presence. Many firms are now on the web, but there are probably still some that are not; I have not attempted to list those. Boats are hired (rented) from boatyards. Hire is usually by the week, though some 3/4 day hires ("short breaks") are also offered by some firms.

Many ads can be found in the pages of canal and waterway-related magazines.

See also hotel boats.

When contacting any firm, please tell them you saw them listed on the internet on "George's Canal Pages" at

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Multi-base Hire Firms - Europe

Smaller Hire Firms - Europe


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This pages are provided as a public service. There is no implied recommendation for any of the firms listed, nor is any criticism implied for any firm not listed. No firm has paid for any listing. If you decide to try canal boating, you do so at your own risk.
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