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These boats come with a crew that drives the boat and prepares some or all of your meals. There will be some small number of other passengers. Lounge and eating areas are shared. On the UK canals, hotel boats are often a pair of 70 foot long narrowboats, and passenger cabins are small. On European canals, hotel boats are often wider and carry more passengers.

For larger vessels, please visit the River Cruise Ships (on the Continent) page.

There is no implied recommendation for any of the firms listed, nor is any criticism implied for any firm not listed. No firm has paid for any listing.

Visit the firms' web sites and/or contact them directly for further information.

North American residents may find that some of the US-Based Agencies represent hotel boat firms.

Hotel Boat Firms and Agencies - Continental Europe

See the French Waterways Links page

De 4 Vaargetijden - Belgium (web pages available in English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands)

European Waterways - agency; since 1974

MS Aventura - Rhine and other rivers; 12 passengers. (Web site in English, Deutsch)

HAT Tours - Holland; "bike and barge tour"; (web pages available in English, Deutsch, Nederlands)

Merganser - France

Clair de Lune - France

Johanna - Dutch barge; 8 passengers; self-catering; France (Alsace, Lorraine and the Ardennes)

KR-line - barge cruises on the M/S Johanna in Belgium; 7 passengers

Dutch Paradise Charters - river salon yacht; 10 passengers; Holland, Belgium, France (web pages in English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands)

Barge Colibri - 4 passengers (Canal du Midi, France)

Barge Nilaya - 4 passenger Luxemotor barge; France

Feniks - hotel boat, cycling holidays, charters; cruises the Netherlands, Belgium and France

River Yacht "Roi Soleil" - cruises Canal du Midi and in Provence

The Saint Louis - up to six passengers; France

La Reine P├ędauque - cruises on the Burgundy Canal; was "Sonafho France"

The Barge Company - No longer in business; owners have retired - agency; France, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland

Luciole - Canal du Nivernais in France, from Auxerre to Clamecy; 14 passengers

Hotel Barge Rosa - 8 passengers; cruises the Canal de Garonne in southwestern France

Hotel Barges - agency

Hotel Boat Firms and Agencies - UK & Ireland

UK - Narrowboats

As these sometimes roam around much of the canal system during a season, no "location" has been specified.

See also Hotel Boat Firms and Agencies - UK - Wide-beam.

Away4awhile - after ten years, owners have switched from operating a hotelboat to running Away2dine, a "canal cruising restaurant modelled from the dinner boats in Paris"; Birmingham

Bywater Hotelboat Cruises

Classic Waterway Holidays - Website not working - 70' narrowboat; 4 passengers

Duke & Duchess Hotel Narrowboats

Hotel Boat Cruising - agency; also has late booking list

Hotelboat Periwinkle - final season was 2015, after 14 years of operation

LadyLine Hotel Boats - In liquidation, late 2018

Charter Hotelboat Willow - Operators retired in September 2015 - Scottish Canals; "charter" service: your party are the only guests

Takara Hotel Boat

Wandering Duck - from their Facebook page on 3 Jan 2018: "After 6 years of the Duck introducing guests to the canals we have decided to stop running trips."

For another alternative, see my list Hire Nightly or B&B. This lists several narrowboats, some for B&B and some for use as the equivalent of a hotel room.

Hotel Boat Firms and Agencies - UK & Ireland - Wide-beam

African Queen - River Thames; also B&B in Reading Oct-Mar

English Holiday Cruises - River Severn

Caledonian Discovery - Scotland (Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal); was "Fingal Cruises"

Castlerose Boat Stay New! - wide-beam "narrowboat"; hotel boat on Bridgewater Canal, or self-catering docked in Manchester

European Waterways - agency; since 1974

Hotel Boat Cruising - agency; also has late booking list

Hotel Boat Kailani - wide-beam "narrowboat"; cruises GU, K&A, R. Thames

Lady Teal Boutique Hotel Boat - broad-beam boat in narrowboat-style

Magna Carta - River Thames

Scottish Highlander - Scotland

Shannon Princess - R. Shannon, Ireland; 10 passengers

Thames & Chilterns Holiday Cruises - "Tranquil Rose" - narrowboat-style boat, but wider - River Thames; K&A Canal

Wessex Rose - wide-beam "narrowboat", launched May 2013; cruises K&A

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