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Ashby Canal and portions of the Coventry and North Oxford Canals: 50 miles of canal with only a "stop-lock".

From Poolstock (near Wigan) to Middlewich Big Lock along the L & L, Bridgewater, T & M. (discounting Dutton Stop Lock): 43 miles

Lancaster Canal: 42 miles

Union Canal, Scotland - Edinburgh to near Falkirk Wheel: 33 miles [Thanks to Peter King for reminding me of this one.]

London - From Norwood Top Lock to Uxbridge, Slough Arm + Paddington Arm, Regent's Canal (to Camden Locks): about 26 miles

Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal (Wales): about 23 miles

Grand Union from Fenny Stratford to Cosgrove: 11 miles

[Thanks to John Brinnand and "[email protected]" for their contributions.]


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