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My Dutch Tug

The picture was taken in Harlingen harbour, in the north of our country, last year in june, I think.

Trip Pictures

I'm back from my four month trip trough France.

The Sea Lion, the narrowboat of a hirefirm in Diksmuide (Belgium). I made this picture in Veurne, at the canal from Veurne tot Duinkerk.

We met the Florence at Attigny, just at the lower end of the 28 lock flight in the Canal des Ardennes. The NB was braought to Calais earlier this season by ferry and now the Atkinsons were on their way to the Saone.

We met the Marshalls and the Festina Lente in Peronne. That is a city in the middle of the Canal du Nord, where the Somme begins. The Festina Lente was already 5 years in France and during winter the NB is brought to St Jean de Losne at the Saone. The Marshalls came from Brugge in Belgium where they had joined a group of NB's during some festival?

- Frank Jansen