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Mike Hecken's narrowboat Ronarosa - includes canal photos; 2001-2005; Mike sold her in Dec 2005

Dutch Barge Replica Iron Dutchess - built 2003 - 2007

Ian Petchey's Narrowboat Isabella - 35 ft.; boat building diary

Narrowboat Rufford - shared ownership boat; photos, specs

Narrowboat Pollyanna - choosing, buying, improving, cruising, selling; 2001-2004

Boating in France with John and Irene - July 2004 to Spring 2012

Narrowboat Tambourine - design, building, and cruise logs; 1999 to Dec 2012

Les Ellingham's CanalTravels - on the shared ownership narrowboat Slipstream 2002-2005

Khayamanzi - 55' narrowboat; include narrowboat cruise photos 2003-2009

Corinna - Our Narrowboat

Belle - liveaboard narrowboat; through 2009; continues at Belle - 2010 to Nov 2012

Defunct websites

Gone missing:

Cindy B, a 26' aluminium narrowboat

John Brinnand's Ramblings of a Canaloholic (1993)

Simon Marshall's Narrowboat Havana - includes ownership costs, notes on mod cons, and canal photos

Martin Smith's Narrowboating on the UK Inland Waterways - glossary; history; lock operation

The Gordon's narrowboat "Seven Stars" - build diary, 1999-2000

Narrowboat IronMaster - sold late 2010

Canal Boat Louisa May - Chris Brown; trad narrowboat; 2002 to 2006

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