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I am keeping this page available in case some of you still might find it useful.

Though many links may still be working, your safest course would be to do a web search on the organization name or firm name in order to find the latest link.

Canal & Waterway Internet Resources- General

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General Canal Information Sites


Roving Shops



Model Boats

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Specialized Topics

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Angling (Fishing)


See also Museums
Also many local Canal- and Waterway-Related Organizations have historical information on their particular canal.
Historical information for canals in North America can be found on the North American Canals page.
See also Canal- and Waterway-Related Organisations - Specific Types of Boats, which includes organisations interested in the restoration or study of historic boats.


Some entries under "Historic" and "Museums" may also be helpful.


Specific Types of Boats

Here’s links to various types of narrowboats, and also to other types of boats you’ll find on the canals and waterways. For actual organisations related to specific types of boats, see Societies - UK - Specific Types of Boats and Specific Historic Boats.

Situations Vacant

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Boat Handling Courses

Boat Maintenance Courses

Boat Safety Equipment

Towpath Walks

Towpath Cycling

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You may find the following sites helpful:

Waterway Photographers

Waterway Photographs

Of course, most sites linked to from include photographs related to their topic area. The sites below are those devoted specifically to waterway photographs and not by professional photographers.

Waterway Art and Craft

For traditional signwriting and boat lettering, see the "Boat Ownership ..." page.

Canalside and Waterside New Home Developments

I have stopped this coverage as it is too difficult to keep up-to-date. However, if you copy and paste this into a search engine (e.g. google):

uk canalside new home developments

there is often some interesting hits.

Thanks to Steve Parish, Martin Clark, Baz Juniper, "Liz", and Neil Arlidge for past contributions to the "home developments" section.

Bill Davies and Jerry Coleman, with the help of members of this mailing list, have also generated UK Waterways Information for First-Timers.

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