Canal and Waterway Webcams

This is a list of links to canal and waterway related webcams that I have found on the web or that others have told me about. (I do NOT operate any of these webcams myself.) Please email if you know of any others not listed here.

Remember that a webcam may be dark if you are looking at it when it is night at the webcam's location.

Notes (suggested by Peter Hardcastle):

For some reason, webcam links seem to change often, so let me know if you discover that any of these have gone bad. Note that the automated link check I run periodically is NOT good at detecting defunct cams - another reason to let me know if you find bad ones. Note also that there is a list of "Defunct Webcams" at the bottom of this web page.

Newly NOT-working webcams

Defunct webcams

Gone but not forgotten ... Amazing how many have fallen by the wayside. 8 May 2016: rechecked the list below - they are all still defunct.
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Note: automatic checks of webcams do not reveal all problems, so please contact me if you find some non-working cams in the "good" list.

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