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What is the mailing list?
The "newsgroup" is the Usenet newsgroup uk.rec.waterways.

internet boaters database - participants in the canals-list, uk.rec.waterways, or canal world, who own boats

Cutweb Internet Boating Club - an AWCC registered club, spun off of the list/newsgroup

Over time, there have been some GIGs (Great Internet Get-togethers) of the group.

The Current and Past Participants

John Bennett's pages - Can no longer find website

Tim Boddington

Peter Brown - can no longer find his web pages, but this is a 2018 article about him from the Shropshire Star

David Chapman's Amphicar page

Michael Clarke's pages - including 62 foot nb Sika

Tony Clayton's canal photos; also note his Journeys on the BCN, in the early 1970's

Michael Cobb's pages - Can no longer find website - cruises on nb "Touch and Tell"; last update 1999

Nick Corble - author of book Walking on Water, "describes a trip down the spine of the UK's inland waterways".

Chris Deuchar's pages

Brian Dominic's pages - includes restoration of NB Rumpus

Andrew Dyke's pages Includes Andrew's pictures of the Evesham In Flood (Easter 1998), and the building of his second boat.

Connie Evans' pages

Andy Greener's pages - nb Whisper

Ian and Dorothy Hart's pages - Floating Down the River (Thames)

David Heath's pages - his Dutch-style narrowboat

Dave Hockin's page

Frank Jansen's page

Ian and Josephine Jeremiah 's narrowboat Glas y Dorlan

Graham Keens' nb Jannock page

Chris Kenway has sold his canal boat Merchant and retired to the south of France, where he operates a B&B.

David Kitching's pages on the history of the Ashton, Macclesfield, and Peak Forest Canals.

Robert Laws's pages. (Shows the boat he was born on in 1954, and more)

Brett Laniosh's pages, on "Travelling the Inland Waterways"

Tim Lewis' pages

Charles Lyne's pages on the Sapperton Tunnel (on the Thames and Severn Canal).

Callum McCormick's pages - mostly amateur radio, but some info on his narrowboat

Keith Midgley's pages - Link broken - the online photograph album of a Kanal loving Karavanner

Paul and Molly Mockford's pages

Guy Morgan's pages.

The Napier family's nb Sanity

Niall's pages - Drascombe Coaster photos

Martin Phillips' page Photos of Boden.

Terry and Christine Rigden's pages

Graham Speechley's Narrowboat Gralyn

Mike Steven's pages - lots of stuff

Iain and Ann Street's 26' alumimium NB Gamebird

Dave Vicker's pages.

Michael and Memory Walsh's Lady Jane, a Canadian Registered Dutch Kruiser in France

John Watson's pages, showing his boat Tam Lin.

Mike and Krystyna Woodings' boat No.9 - 22.1m 1925 Luxemotor Barge

The following do NOT contain canal and waterway related material:

Roy Collingwood's Home Page

Dave Smith's pages

Jane Wettstone's pages

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